PERFORM roof flashing
- beautiful, durable and lead-free solutions for any flashing application

PERFORM flexible flashing can be used in any flashing solution. By clicking on the illustration below and moving the pointer to the numbers, further information will appear.

PERFORM flexible flashing material can be used in any flashing solution, including flat and profiled roofing.

The flashing sheet offers the same properties and provides the same tightness as lead. Just like lead, this material has a self-contained structure with a high dimensional stability which provides a "porous/ breathable" covering.

Working with PERFORM flexible flashing is very much like working with lead only it is even easier to use and shape because of the good stretching properties and low weight.

  • For all types of roofing
  • Fixing without adhesion
  • Fixing without adhesion
  • Sticks to all standard construction materials when fixed using PERFORM Adhesive.

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