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Special tools and sealants

PERFORM A/S supplies a range of accessory products in the form of specialist tools and sealants.


- for moulding PERFORM® and FastFlash®. The hammer consists of a shaft and a head, which composes a leather bag. This bag is filled with a composite, making it very “dead" yet flexible at the same time.

PERFORM Adhesive

- for sealing joints and gluing common building materials, such as bricks, concrete, metals, glass and many painted surfaces, as well as certain types of plastics.


- for fixing and moulding joints and flashing, carried out with overlap and subsequent adhesion.


- for the surface treatment of PERFORM flexible flashing, where water drains from copper or bitumen (roofing felt) to the flashing. Without surface treatment with Flash Seal in connection with solutions using copper or bitumen, the product warranty would be void.



VVS no.DescriptionWeightRemark 
288059760 FlashSeal - gray 1,13 kg ---
288059761 FlashSeal - black 1,13 kg ---
288059764 FlashSeal - tile red 1,13 kg ---
288059102 Glue - 20 gr. --- Little tube
288059532 Glue - 290 ml 0,5 kg Suitable for sealant gun
288059529 Glue - 290 ml 0,5 kg Suitable for sealant gun
288059534 Glue - 290 ml 0,5 kg Suitable for sealant gun
288058000 Dresser --- ---
288069120 Adhesive tape 8m x 20 mm x 1 mm, gray --- ---