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Flash Seal™ – effective sealing

FlashSeal is used for the sealing, protection and repair of flashing on roofs and is, among other things, well-suited for the treatment of bitumen-based products. Flash Seal can cover tears up to 5 mm wide. Applied in a layer thickness of 1.5 mm and is waterproof after hardening.

  • Sealing, protection and repair of flashing on roofs
  • Suitable for the treatment of bitumen-based products
  • Can cover tears up to 5 mm wide
  • Waterproof after hardening
  • Contains: 1.13 kg

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Flash Seal™ – effective sealing of enclosures on roofs...

Sealing of flashing
Sealing of roof penetrations
Sealing of rooflights
Maintenance of roofing felt
Sealing of chimney flashing
Sealing of balcony floors
Repairing and sealing of plinths/bases
Sealing of flashing around skylights
Flash Seal™ ensures good adhesion to:
  • Various flashing materials
  • Bricks, calcareous sandstone, slate
  • Concrete, fibre concrete, plaster
  • Bitumen/tar, roofing felt, including glass
  • Wood, particleboard
  • Glass-fibre reinforced polyester
  • EPDM film, PC film, hard PVC
  • Aluminium, anodised aluminium
  • Powder-coated aluminium
  • Galvanised, zinc-plated sheets
  • Steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel
  • Copper, brass, lead, zinc

Product data and accessories

  • Does not contain tin, phthalates, solvents, bitumen or isocyanate
  • UV-resistant, even in direct contact with bitumen
  • Low emissions and odourless
  • Minimum durability: 12 months, unopened, when stored in a cool and dry place


288059760 FlashSeal – gray 1,13 kg
288059761 FlashSeal – black 1,13 kg
288059764 FlashSeal – tile red 1,13 kg


1. Outdoor temperature between 5-35 °C and FlashSeal™ 15-20 °C.

2. Surfaces must be completely clean and degreased.

3. Test adhesion before applying FlashSeal™.

4. Apply FlashSeal™ in layers approx. 1.5 mm thick.

5. Surfaces dry in approx. six hours depending on the conditions.

6. For large areas, you can apply FlashSeal™ with a scraper.

7. Covers tears up to 5 mm in two layers with a reinforced mesh laid in the first layer.

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